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Regional best Wialon service provider and recommended partner


SkyTelecom Company
We are a solid team of highly qualified specialists in the field of satellite vehicle monitoring and fuel control. Since 2012 the company has been representing the Wialon Hosting system. In 2021 we were announced to be a Gurtam recommended partner, the developer of this monitoring system. Currently Sky Telecom offers Wialon transport monitoring and fuel control solutions in a wide number of areas.

SkyTelecom is also a certified workshop and carries out installation and maintenance of tachographs
We offer solutions in optimizing transport fleet costs
We install GLONASS/GPS equipment for remote monitoring and diagnostics of the main vehicle systems based on satellite navigation technologies and sensors
We increase the safety and efficiency of transport by installing video surveillance
To increase the efficiency of the vehicle fleet, we are establishing a transport dispatching system (remote driver monitoring and communication)
We reduce the cost of fuels and lubricants by introducing a fuel consumption control system (FLS, DFM flowmeters, CAN)
We increase the fleet work efficiency by automating business processes and solving management, analysis and accounting
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We save your time using best IT technology
Our solutions help each client free up time to develop themselves and their company, increase benefits for the customers and society as a whole, in order to make the world a better place
Technical support
Installation group
Customer service
Today you are served by 4 well-manned installation teams of qualified electrical engineers. Each employee has undergone professional training and has more than 5 years of working experience.
All work is carried out in accordance with the approved regulations and standards. Before performing, we agree on a convenient time for you, come at your place, seal all connections, take the pre-photo and fill out the needed documents. You will have a 1 year guarantee for all work
Each client is important to us, therefore our customer service employees will always greet you with a smile, listen and select right solution, remind you of the planned equipment and maps replacements. At your request, they will prepare the necessary documents, control payments and execution of provided works
Our tech support is a team of highly qualified and certified team members, who constantly undergo training and improve their professionalism.

Technical support staff are ready to help 24/7: they will conduct remote diagnostics, set up sensors and monitoring modules, configure the necessary reports and notifications, select an individual or non-standard monitoring solution.

Technical support is provided through the Okdesk ticket system or via phone and e-mail communication
We recruit pro-active people
We are looking for employees who want to develop, influence changes in the company and industry, change outdated models and methods
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Client consulting clients on Wialon system (functionality, software, appliance, reporting, charts, FAQ)

Remote diagnostics (GPS / Glonass trackers, beacons, fuel control sensors, etc.)

Setting up navigation and additional equipment

Solving non-standard tasks

We search for a person who:

Has experience in radio electronics (1-3 years)

Degree in Science

Confident PC user

Skills in automotive electrical and car devices

Has experience in electronics repair and IT technologies

Punctual, communicative, literate, diligent, responsible;

If you really want to study new product, improve your knowledge and grow together with us, then you are welcome!.


Labor Code of the Russian Federation official employment

Legal salary

3 months training;

Friendly team