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Tachograph is a special device for monitoring work and rest of the driver. It is a kind of a certain "black box" for the car, which saves the entire history of the working day

The device automatically records the speed, mileage and time of movement of the vehicle All the info can be printed out on a special thermal tape __ at the request of regulatory authorities

Tachographs are installed exclusively by certified workshops
Tachograph paper rolls
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Cryptographic information protection facility for tachographs
The CIPF block is an important part of the tachograph. This is a way of cryptographic information protection, and it is prohibited to operate the device without it

CIPF device, which stands for cryptographic information protection facility device, is a thing in which is stored all incoming information from tachograph (speed, time of work and rest, navigation data, etc.) in an form, that cannot be edited

The CIPF unit is installed in a special compartment of the tachograph and intended only for Russian-made devices

CIPF period of service is 3 years, after which it must be replaced, since its resources are exhausted and the electronic signature certificate ceases to be valid
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Driver card
The CIPF tachograph cannot be operated without a special tachocard, __ which is used to identify the person driving the vehicle.

Tachograph cards can be of several types:

either driver card or company card
CIPF driver card (is individual and valid for 3 years, after which should be registered again).

SkyTelecom provides a complex service package for proceeding of CPFI and RUD cards
Driver card
We can help in proceeding CIPF (for Russian citizens) and RUD cards
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