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GLONASS/GPS terminal (beacon) is a device that determines coordinates using a satellite receiver, collects data from all sensors installed in the transport unit, and sends it via GPRS __ to the monitoring system

SkyTelecom works only with the best manufacturers of navigation and communication equipment
GLONASS/GPS trackers
Mobile communication
GLONASS/GPS trackers application
Trading companies
Taxi fleets
Transport of dangerous goods
Private car parks
Utility services
Transport companies
Agricultural organizations
Passenger transport services
Rescue services
Insurance companies
Fleets and freight forwarding companies
Security services
Emergency services
Building companies
Courier and postal services
Cash collection services
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Fuel consumption control
Fuel consumption control is one of the highest priority tasks for a vehicle fleet owner. Fuel accounts for an average of 30-35% among all costs for transport fleets

Increase the efficiency of your business by installing a fuel consumption monitoring system! There are 3 main ways that will improve the quality of fuel consumption control
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Fuel level sensors (FLS)
After FLS are installed (crashed) into the car's tank, they record changes in the volume of fuel and it’s spending, right after transmits information to the vehicle monitoring system. Each change is displayed clearly in time and place

Data proceeding makes it possible to predict and calculate fuel costs and operating models, reduces improper use cases, and helps to establish fuel accounting

For the data to be displayed correctly, it is important to calibrate properly the sensor and tank at the installation stage. SkyTelecom installation teams are equipped with mobile calibration stations and will carry out the installation of equipment at a high level!
Video terminals
Video terminals allow online monitoring of the driver's work, bus current situation, loading and unloading, as well as goods relocation. This helps to prevent theft, fraud and route deviation
Video terminals GLONASS/GPS
The main task of the device is to record and broadcast video to the driver's monitor and to the GLONASS\GPS cloud-based vehicle monitoring system. You can track in real-time or view archive for a certain period

SkyTelecom offers multi-channel video recorder terminals to which you can connect from four to eight video cameras
Additional sensors
Location, route, and fuel consumption are the main points in transport fleet controlling. However, sometimes a number of other indicators are required to undertake qualified control. This task can be solved by installing additional sensors. Due to them you can gain complete transparency in vehicle fleet work and receive analytical reports on the efficiency of your enterprise
Temperature sensor
Transporting perishable goods is the temperature inside the van definitely requires the right temperature level

The GLONASS sensor measures the temperature with high accuracy in the range from -55 to + 80 °С. This data together with navigation information is transmitted to the SkyTelecom monitoring system

The temperature can be simultaneously controlled by the driver, the dispatcher, and the head of the company. Upon agreement the customer can also follow the observance of the rules for the goods transportation
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The wireless inclination sensor measures the roll angle of various mechanisms and determines the direction of rotation. The sensor records data on special equipment operations and transfers them to the monitoring system. This helps to significantly increase the efficiency and operational safety of moving mechanisms
Truck crane or excavator control
A sensor is installed on the boom of an excavator or crane and transmits data on a number of manipulations, lifts, work duration and stop time
A sensor is installed on the lifting platform of the dump truck monitors the number of body lifts and duration of loading and unloading
Dump truck control
Garbage truck control
A sensor is installed on the lifting mechanism of the vehicle and at each capture and tank overturning, it transmits information about the number of collected containers and spent time You will be able to assess the quality of the work performed and prevent the machine from leaving the specified working area
Concrete mixer control
A sensor installed on the mixer monitors the direction of rotation of the mixer mechanism. This allows you to track both the very fact of mixing, and the place of concrete unloading
Mechanism operation sensor
The engine hours control sensor is used to monitor the state (operation/stop) of engines and other mechanisms.

The device cannot be “fooled”. The sensor analyzes the amplitude-frequency characteristic of the vibration of the running engine, and based on the data received, determines the fact of its operation.

Information about the operation/stop of the mechanism is transmitted through the satellite terminal to the monitoring system. Track when the equipment was idling and when under load!
Hour monitoring sensor
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